Get together 12. April 2024

Påmeldingen til Get Together-arrangement fredag 12. april er åpen! (Scroll down for English version)

Etter forrige måneds Afterwork-arrangement har vi fått flere nye medlemmer, og det er på tide å møtest og bli bedre kjent med andre YoungShip-medlemmer og ha det moro!

Vi har leid et privat lokale i Ålesund sentrum: Skipperforeningen i Nedre Strandgate 1. Her vil det bli et uformelt arrangement med mat og drikke, lek og moro, og en sjanse til å bedrive litt networking og sosialisering.

Det vil bli en egenandel for dette arrangementet på 250kr. Dersom du melder deg på og betaler egenandel før 8. april er egenandelen 200 kr. Bruk Vipps til å betale egenandel (søk opp YoungShip Møre i Vipps, skriv "get together" i kommentaren og vipps 250kr). Mat og noe drikke vil bli servert, og du er velkommen til å ha med medbrakt drikke (med eller uten alkohol).

Arrangementet er åpent for alle YoungShip-medlemmer som har betalt medlemsavgift for 2024. Enda ikke registrert deg som medlem? Bruk skjemaet på  YoungShip Møres nettside (der det står Click to join YoungShip Møre) og betal årsavgift (150kr) på Vipps.

Link til Facebook-arrangement

Påmeldingsskjema finner du her:


Link til Vipps-betaling

Please note that our website does not always send a confirmation email when you are successfully signed up. The board will send out confirmation emails ASAP. If you are not sure whether you are signed up please contact us via email ( or Facebook messenger. 


English version:
Sign up is open for the Get Together event on Friday April 12th!

After last month's Afterwork event we have a lot of new members, and it's time to get together and get to know your fellow YoungShippers a bit better - have some fun and create some connections.

We have rented a private venue in Ålesund city centre: Skipperforeningen in Nedre Strandgate 1. This will be an informal event with some fun and games, food and drinks, and a chance to network and socialize.

There will be an event fee for this event of 250NOK. If you sign up and pay before 8th April the event fee is 200NOK. Food and some drinks will be served, and you are welcome to bring your own drinks (with or without alcohol).

The event is open for all YoungShip members who have paid the membership fee for 2024. Not yet signed up as a member? Use the form on the YoungShip Møre website (where it says Click to join YoungShip Møre) and pay the membership fee (150NOK) in Vipps.

Location: Skipperforeningen, Nedre Strandgate 1, Ålesund.
Date and time: Friday 12th April
Food: Will be served (pizza and sushi)
Drinks: Some drinks provided, and possible to bring your own
Event fee: 250NOK (YS membership fee must also be paid)

Facebook event link


Sign up for the event using the form above.




Afterwork 15. March 2024

You're invited to join us for an the first YoungShip Møre Afterwork event on March 15th, at Dampsentralen in Ålesund!

Following the great response to our previous afterwork (or "Ankerdram") events, we're thrilled to host another evening of relaxed networking, delicious food and drink, and engaging conversations. Come unwind with us, connect with fellow professionals in the maritime industry, and explore new opportunities within our community.

This event is open to everyone who has paid the 2024 membership fee. As an added incentive, if you pay the membership fee before April 13th, you'll enjoy the full year of benefits for only 150kr (normal price: 400kr). Don't miss this chance to access exclusive events, networking opportunities, and industry insights at a discounted rate.

Not a member yet? Use the sign up form on the website ("click to Join YoungShip Møre"), pay the membership fee of 150kr through Vipps (contact us if you are unable to use Vipps), and voila - you're a member!

Whether you're a seasoned member or new to YoungShip, this event provides an inclusive space for all to come together, share insights, and build lasting connections. Feel free to bring along friends and colleagues to join in on the fun!

We look forward to seeing you there for an enjoyable evening of camaraderie and networking.

Location: Dampsentralen in Ålesund (area on the left when you enter the door)
Date and time: Friday 15th April from 17:30 (don't arrive too late if you want food and drinks)

Facebook event link

Annual General Meeting 2024

Dear YoungShippers,

You are all invited to the YoungShip Møre annual meeting on Wednesday 28th of February.

It will be held at the office of Lerøy Havfisk AS at Keiser Wilhelmsgate 23 in Ålesund.

In addition to the formalities of the annual meeting (presentation of the annual report, election of new board members, plans for 2024) we will have dinner and mingling.

The annual report will be distributed to all members prior to the annual meeting. If you are interested in joining the board for 2024 or have any questions, please contact us by email or on Facebook or mention it at the annual meeting.

The event is open to all YoungShip Møre members who have paid the membership fee for 2023 or 2024.

Please use the form below to sign up so we know how many to order food for. Remember to indicate if you have any food allergies. Sign up deadline is Monday 19th at 12pm.


Julebord 2023

Velkommen på julebord! (English below)

Youngship Møre har gleden av å invitere deg til årets julebord med påfølgende festligheter på Hotell Noreg i Ålesund, fredag den 15. Desember.

Arrangementet er åpent for alle Youngship medlemmer. Husk å betal årsavgiften dersom du ikke har gjort det. Denne kan betales på Vipps sammen med billetten til julebordet. Kontakt oss dersom du har problemer rundt dette.

Påmeldingsfristen er mandag 11. desember kl 23:59. Egenandelen for å delta på arrangementet er satt til 399kr. Dette inkluderer tradisjonell julebuffet og aperitiff ved ankomst. Både egenandel og årsmedlemsavgift i YS må være betalt.

Lokasjon: Hotell Noreg i Ålesund
Tid & dato: Fredag 15. desember kl.19:00
Billettpris (Egenandelen): kr 399 (årsmedlemskap må også være betalt)
Dresskode: Klassisk julebordsstil (Kjole, dress etc.)
Bruk skjemaet under for å melde deg på.

Vi gleder oss til å ønske deg velkommen!


English version:

YoungShip Møre invites you to this year's Christmas party at Hotell Noreg in Ålesund, Friday December 15th.

The event is open for all YoungShip members. Remember to pay the yearly membership fee if you have not already done so. Both the membership fee and the event fee can be paid in Vipps. Please contact us on email or Facebook if you are having troubles or unable to use Vipps.

The deadline for signing up is Monday December 11th at 23:59. The event fee is 399 nok. This includes a traditional Christmas buffet and welcome drink. Both YS membership fee for 2023 and the event fee must be paid.

Location: Hotell Noreg in Ålesund
Time & date: Friday 15. December @19:00
Event fee: 399 NOK (yearly membership fee should also be paid)
Dresscode: Classic Christmas party style (dress, suit, etc.)
Sign up using the form below.

We look forward to welcoming you!



QR-kode for Vipps-betaling av julebord og medlemskap:

Excursion onboard Havila Kystruten

A spirited assembly of adventurous YoungShippers embarked on a Friday afternoon bus voyage from Ålesund, destined for the charming town of Molde. In Molde, a delightful dinner accompanied by wine awaited, setting the stage for the forthcoming adventure aboard Havila Kystruten's splendid and innovative vessel, the Havila Castor.

During the leisurely three-hour homeward journey to Ålesund, the entire expanse of the ship's offerings unfurled before us, providing a wealth of amenities to indulge in. However, the crowning jewel of our maritime escapade proved to be the ship's al fresco jacuzzi, where countless hours were mirthfully squandered.

A sense of déjà vu enveloped us as we stood upon the vessel we had previously inspected in its nascent state last year, now transformed into a fully operational marvel. The event was a joyous testament to the intertwining of nostalgia and newfound delight.

Ocean Infinity Armada shipyard visit

The event at VARD's shipyard in Søviknes on Tuesday, the 9th, was an outstanding success, offering YoungShip Møre members an enriching experience. The evening kicked off at 18:00, with attendees eager to explore the Ocean Infinity Armada vessels currently under outfitting at the VARD Søviknes shipyard.

The event was met with great enthusiasm. Attendees were treated to an exclusive tour onboard the three different vessels, providing a unique insight into their construction and advanced technologies.

We were also treated to a comprehensive presentation from Ocean Infinity about the operation of the vessels and the cutting-edge technology employed in their design. Attendees were fascinated by the intricate details of these vessels and the impressive innovations that set them apart in the maritime industry.

After the ship tour and presentation, the event transitioned to T2, where YoungShip members convened for food and drinks. This part of the evening allowed attendees to relax, socialize, and further connect with their peers in a casual and friendly setting.

Overall, the event was an ideal blend of education, networking, and camaraderie. Attendees left with a greater understanding of maritime technology and a stronger sense of community within YoungShip Møre. The success of the event was a testament to its engaging content and the enthusiasm of all those who participated.

Ankerdram at Dampsentralen April 2023

The Ankerdram event held at Dampsentralen in April turned out to be quite a success, leaving attendees with smiles and a sense of connection. The venue had a lively atmosphere as YoungShip members and potential members gathered for a relaxed evening. Starting at 18:30, the event drew a good turnout, with over 30 members and potential members present.

Ankerdram, known for its informal and friendly vibe, lived up to expectations. Attendees mingled, socialized, and enjoyed food and drinks. Laughter and conversations filled the venue as both new and familiar faces shared their enthusiasm for the maritime industry. The event not only provided an opportunity for networking but also extended a warm welcome to potential new YoungShip members. Bringing along friends added to the atmosphere, encouraging more interactions and idea exchanges.

Overall, the Ankerdram event at Dampsentralen offered a blend of camaraderie, relaxation, and networking. Attendees left with strengthened connections and a renewed sense of community within YoungShip, making it an enjoyable evening for all.

Ankerdram at Dampsentralen February 2023

The Ankerdram event held at Dampsentralen on April 28th was a resounding success, leaving attendees with smiles and a sense of connection. The venue buzzed with energy as YoungShip members and potential members gathered for a fun and relaxed evening.

The event kicked off at 18:30 and drew a great turnout, with over 30 members and potential members in attendance.

Ankerdram, known for its informal and friendly vibe, lived up to expectations. Attendees mingled, socialized, and enjoyed delicious bites alongside drinks. Laughter and conversations echoed through the venue, as both new and familiar faces shared their enthusiasm for the maritime industry.

The event not only provided a fantastic opportunity for networking among peers but also extended a warm welcome to potential new YoungShip members. Bringing along friends added to the lively atmosphere, encouraging even more interactions and exchanges of ideas.

Overall, the Ankerdram event at Dampsentralen was a wonderful blend of camaraderie, relaxation, and networking. Attendees left with strengthened connections and a renewed sense of community within YoungShip, making it a memorable and enjoyable evening for all.

Annual meeting 2023

The YoungShip Møre annual meeting on February 23rd was a successful gathering. Held at the VARD Design and Engineering office in Ålesund, the event kicked off with the formalities of the annual meeting, including the presentation of the annual report and the election of new board members. A highlight of the day was a presentation by VARD on their gender diversity project, shedding light on inclusivity in the maritime industry.

Later in the evening, attendees enjoyed a pleasant dinner and mingling session. This provided a great opportunity for YoungShippers to network and share experiences in a relaxed setting.

Overall, the event facilitated productive discussions and connections among attendees, making it a valuable experience for everyone involved.

Sailing trip with Storeggen - Friday 01.09.2023

(English below) YoungShip Møre inviterer til seiltur med bankskøyta Storeggen. Storeggen er en kopi av en ålesundsk fiskeskøyte frå 1890–årene. Med full seilføring har skøyta sju segl, og fiskerne den gangen var gode seilere. Dette er en tur for de som ønsker å oppleve hvordan det er å seile ei gaffelrigga fiskeskøyte som Storeggen. Du må ikke kunne seile fra før, men du må kunne ta i et tak. Vi går frå Fiskerimuseet, ut Molja og dit vinden tar oss.

Ta med: Varme klær og niste, gjerne sjøstøvler og arbeidshansker. Sikkerhetsutstyr om bord.

Tidspunkt: Fredag 01. september kl. 17:45 - 21:00
Etter seilaset blir det arrangert Ankerdram i Ålesund sentrum.

På – og avmønstring: Fiskerimuseet, Molovegen 10, Ålesund

Egenandel: 150nok. Arrangementet er for YoungShip Møre-medlemmer (og følge). YS "alumni" er også velkomne.

Max 12 passasjerer - først til mølla med påmelding! Påmelding skjer via skjema under.

Hvis du har spørsmål eller problemer med påmelding, kontakt YoungShip Møre på Facebook eller email.


YoungShip Møre invites you to come sailing with the wooden sailboat Storeggen, a copy of traditional Ålesund fishing vessels from the 1890s with up to seven sails. This is a trip for those who want to experience what it's like to sail a sailing fishing vessel like Storeggen. You do not have to have sailing experience, but you need to be physically able to contribute to the sailing activities. The trip leaves from Fiskerimuseet, past Molja and where the wind takes us.

What to bring: warm clothes and a packed lunch, preferably waterproof boots and work gloves. Safety equipment you will get on board.

Time: Friday 01. september at 17:45 - 21:00.
After the event there will be an Ankerdram in Ålesund city centre.

Boarding and off-boarding the ship: Fiskerimuseet, Molovegen 10, Ålesund.

Event fee: 150nok. Event is for YoungShip Møre members (and +1s). YS "alumni" are also welcome.

Max. 12 passengers. First to sign up gets the spots. Sign up through the form below. Any questions or problems signing up, please contact YoungShip Møre on Facebook or email.