IMO Working Group

We are ‘the Next Generation of the Maritime Industry’.

YoungShip International, aims to engage, inspire, and promote the young professional minds in the maritime and shipping industries for future progress and development. YoungShip contributes a diverse group of members that are focused on their professional development and the influence that they can provide to the maritime industry.

Technical Groups

Development of young talents in the maritime industry by increasing community awareness on shipping, technical and environmental issues, sustainability and green shipping. 

The aim of YoungShip is to develop the young generations’ knowledge and interest for enhancing the energy transition, environmental developments, innovation and entrepreneurship. In this regard, YoungShip is regularly holding annual workshops, webinars, conferences (i.e. ShipCon and other maritime conferences) to address challenges and to create future opportunities.

YoungShip is the ideal organisation to represent the views of young professionals on the topics being discussed at IMO. In this regard, Youngship’s “Technical Groups” gather different technical experts to review the regulatory framework and aiming to provide the IMO young professional’s input.

Those technical working groups are as follows:

Green Shipping Working Group

YoungShip contributes to inspire, educate, empower, and promote young professionals in the maritime sector. YoungShip International engage with a diverse group of individuals globally creating a diverse and inclusive community and provide a platform that serves as a safe space for both professional and personal growth, leading to a sustainable future for the maritime leaders of tomorrow.

YoungShip aims to assist, collaborate, and support IMO by achieving consultative status providing a voice for the young professionals globally. Our goal is to build a constructive communication channel and commit to set up Technical Assistance Activities to achieve the IMO 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.

Particularly, the Green Shipping Working Group is responsible for subject matters related to improve safety and security of international shipping with the environmental approach, thereby supporting actions destined to accomplish long-term ecological balance. This committee focus in:

-Coordinate communication channel to bring awareness and communicate with the maritime industry current stakeholders.
-Raising awareness to combat climate change and its impact.
-Promote actions towards achieving gender equality and empower both male and female young professionals in the shipping industry towards a more equalitarian professional environment.
-Organize courses, workshops and webinars that foster innovation.
-Provide lifelong learning opportunities for all in topics related to Green Shipping.
-Attend and host events related to diversity, inclusion, and fairness.
-Partner and collaborate with other institutions and professionals.
-Send surveys to YoungShip chapters worldwide to collect input on IMO topics on the agenda.

Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships Working Group 

It is said that Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships will reduce the probability of navigational errors at sea by a substantial measure. However, it is also true that inequitable distribution and the use of MASS would lead to problems. As young members of the shipping industry, we are concerned that our globalised world should remain empathetic to the concerns of the countries far removed from new technological developments like MASS. To this extent, we intend to work with global organisations, innovation clusters, and commercial organisations to ensure that through our young member base we act as bridges in the knowledge, information, and usage gaps.

Following events are organised by MASS working group to achieve this goal:

1.. Survey activities
These are primarily aimed at bridging the knowledge and information gap for our members and partners. We anticipate that MASS related developments will be subject to acceptance by different society groups. Our members are frequently involved in discussions on contemporary issues affecting the shipping industry.

2. Knowledge sharing sessions
The IMO aims to develop the regulatory framework for MASS at pace with commercial development. This would enable an ecosystem for their operations to develop rapidly. As young members of the industry we intend to bridge the skills gap by learning from industry through these sessions. This will allow many of our members to fill the requirements of a future workforce, develop specialised industry knowledge, and network with stakeholders involved with MASS.

3. Social media awareness drive
Aiming to upload a lot of MASS related infographics on our social media, stay tuned.

Youth Development Working Group

YoungShip International aims to improve the knowledge of the young professionals working in the maritime sector about the current changes and updates i.e., UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Youth Development Program is established as part of the YoungShip  International which includes around 4,000 members of the Youngship branches in 36 countries.
The aim of the Program is as followings:
-To spread the word about new opportunities in the maritime sector to the young professionals.
-To improve the young professionals’ knowledge and help them to be up-to-date about the new challenges in the maritime industry.
-To brainstorm issues and problems occurs in the maritime sector,
-Update about new opportunities i.e, Digitalization, AI
-To contribute to the maritime sector with a different perspective.

Every year, in order to achieve the targets of the Program, YoungShip International Youth Development Committee contributes with following items:

1. Training Program
This Program is organized for young maritime professionals. The training course is for aspiring young maritime professionals in an attempt to raise awareness about the challenges they are dealing with. The 2023-2024 Training Program is about “Bullying and Harassment.”
2. Essay Contest
Essay contest is organized in order to award young maritime professionals. The award is to give an educational training voucher. In this way, young maritime professionals will choose the field they want to improve themselves the most.
3. Conferences
The conference topic for 2023-2024 is about “Digitalization and Maritime.” There are many developments in technology in the maritime field. Therefore, it is important to be updated about new challenges.
4. Online Mentorship Program
This Program encourages young maritime professionals to participate actively. Program is aiming to involve the international branches (36 branches) of YoungShip International, and train minimum 5 different young maritime professionals. Each year different juries are to be appointed and select these young maritime professionals based on their CV and expertise. It is expected from young maritime professionals to write a cover letter in order to express themselves why they should be chosen.
The following scheme is to be implemented for the year 2023-2024.
-Selection of mentors and companies (in 5 different countries and companies)
-CV’s and cover letters to be collected.
-Juries selection of 5 different young maritime professionals.
-Starting the program for the period of month.
-The company agrees to undertake the mentorship topics. Every week a 1.5 hours q&a and mentorship course is to be completed.
-Upon the completion of the Program Certificate of Completion will be given.

YoungShip International represents the future of the maritime sector! Therefore, it is really important the involvement of YoungShip International’s role in the maritime sector!


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