A spirited assembly of adventurous YoungShippers embarked on a Friday afternoon bus voyage from Ålesund, destined for the charming town of Molde. In Molde, a delightful dinner accompanied by wine awaited, setting the stage for the forthcoming adventure aboard Havila Kystruten’s splendid and innovative vessel, the Havila Castor.

During the leisurely three-hour homeward journey to Ålesund, the entire expanse of the ship’s offerings unfurled before us, providing a wealth of amenities to indulge in. However, the crowning jewel of our maritime escapade proved to be the ship’s al fresco jacuzzi, where countless hours were mirthfully squandered.

A sense of déjà vu enveloped us as we stood upon the vessel we had previously inspected in its nascent state last year, now transformed into a fully operational marvel. The event was a joyous testament to the intertwining of nostalgia and newfound delight.