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As our YoungShip family grew we needed a way to keep us all connected. YoungShip International was formed to be the voice for young people in the maritime industry. We believe that the encouragement and support of entrepreneurs and professionals is crucial for development of our industry.

The voice for all our global members

As our YoungShip family grew we needed a way to keep us all connected. So YoungShip International was formed to be a central point of contact for all our global members. We provide a voice for all young people in the maritime industry that clearly should be heard. YoungShip International has a clear role to play to engage, inspire & work with the industry to promote the young bright minds in the Maritime industry for future progress development.

The younger generation will always have alternative views on how to solve some of the big challenges we face today. So we are glad to help promote that entrepreneurial spirit within the maritime industry through the involvement of two awards ‘Young Entrepreneur award’ and ‘Young Corporation Award’. Through these prestigious awards we can clearly encourage those that are working on environmental challenges, social responsibility, innovation in green technology & companies that clearly promote young professionals.

If you are unable to find a local department and want to build something great? Why not open a new branch and join the YoungShip family….. We’re reinventing how people get together in the global maritime industry. You will clearly build strong bonds for the future and a network of teams that are not afraid of hard work. We strive to work towards accountability and put transparency at the heart of all functions. If you are under 35 and you feel the same way, why not start your own global branch and join us.


YoungShip International is involved in two amazing awards to promote young people in the maritime industry. We need your nominations and entries to help us recognize new talent and companies that promote young individuals to succeed. Please follow the links below to have your say.

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