The Ankerdram event held at Dampsentralen in April turned out to be quite a success, leaving attendees with smiles and a sense of connection. The venue had a lively atmosphere as YoungShip members and potential members gathered for a relaxed evening. Starting at 18:30, the event drew a good turnout, with over 30 members and potential members present.

Ankerdram, known for its informal and friendly vibe, lived up to expectations. Attendees mingled, socialized, and enjoyed food and drinks. Laughter and conversations filled the venue as both new and familiar faces shared their enthusiasm for the maritime industry. The event not only provided an opportunity for networking but also extended a warm welcome to potential new YoungShip members. Bringing along friends added to the atmosphere, encouraging more interactions and idea exchanges.

Overall, the Ankerdram event at Dampsentralen offered a blend of camaraderie, relaxation, and networking. Attendees left with strengthened connections and a renewed sense of community within YoungShip, making it an enjoyable evening for all.