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About Us

YoungShip Bangladesh is the 37th department of YoungShip International. It’s journey started with the initiative of Tanjil Ahmed Ruhullah (our founding President), who reached out to YoungShip International in March 2023 and presented a formal proposal with a detailed outline for establishing the local department. Following due diligence by the YoungShip International, and subsequent virtual meetings with our founding Board Members, approval was granted by YoungShip International in August 2023 for establishing the Bangladesh department.

Bangladesh, is a strategic maritime nation and a vital maritime hub owing to its critical access position to the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. With a 710-kilometer coastline along the Bay of Bengal, it serves as an ideal trade gateway, offering easy access to major international shipping routes. The Port of Chittagong, a key player in South Asia, handles over 90% of the country’s annual seaborne trade. The government’s investments in modernizing and expanding port and logistics infrastructure contribute to the nation’s growing maritime capability.

The maritime sector of Bangladesh has experienced significant growth, extending beyond trade and connectivity. Globally, it is the 14th-ranked shipbuilding nation according to UNCTAD, contributing 0.84% of global demand in 2022. As a major ship recycling country, Bangladesh has made huge strides in recent years in improving its ship recycling regulations and standards to meet the Hong Kong International Convention for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships by acceding to it in June 2023 last year. In the Bay of Bengal, the country has made strides in marine fisheries, witnessing a 300% increase in marine captures from 1984 to 2020.

Additionally, efforts to boost coastal and marine tourism focus on constructing three exclusive tourism zones in the coastal area, complemented by the launch of the first offshore cruise. Government initiatives exemplified by the establishment of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, contribute to capacity building with over 1000 students graduating annually.

These initiatives are driving notable foreign investments, positioning Bangladesh a key player in regional and global trade, fostering growth through the blue economy. With over 2 million people engaged in the industry and over 19000 active seafarers, Bangladesh’s Maritime industry is thriving with the experience of the veterans and the energy of the youth.

However, despite the industry’s promising trajectory, a challenge lies in the lack of access and connectivity, between young professionals and industry veterans. Bridging this gap would undoubtedly accelerate professional development of the youth in the maritime industry contributing to its sustainable growth.

In alignment with the goals of YoungShip International, YoungShip Bangladesh is committed to developing the next generation of leaders in the maritime industry through international collaboration and partnerships.

YoungShip Bangladesh provides a dynamic platform for young professionals to connect, learn and grow. It does so by hosting insightful seminars, workshops, and networking events with fellow members and industry veterans, locally and internationally, allowing members to stay informed about the latest industry trends and best practices. Furthermore, YoungShip Bangladesh actively supports entrepreneurial initiatives and leadership programs to foster innovation in our Maritime sector to make our industry greener, more inclusive, and sustainable.


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