Recap of Afterwork with PwC and Maritime Bergen

On Wednesday 29th of May we had the honor of inviting our members for an engaging afterwork at Maritime Bergen's premises. Co-hosted with Maritime Bergen and PwC, the event brought together professionals from the maritime industry across various companies.

The event kicked off with an insightful presentation by André W. Rivenæs and Mathilde Meland from PwC who explored the fundamentals of AI and its opportunities. The next speaker was Maren Lodden from Grieg Maritime Group who presented their very own Chat GMG and the development process behind it. The event concluded with Henrik Sæther Sørheim from PwC, who provided an in-depth look at how legislation impacts the use of AI.

A big thank you to everyone who attended — we hope you gained valuable insights and are now more eager to dive into the world of AI!


Recap of One Ocean Week Unofficial Closing Party

On Thursday 18th of April, we had the honour to invite our members to the unofficial closing party of One Ocean Week at Grieg Gaarden.

The event brought together partners of One Ocean Havbyen Bergen and young professionals from both YoungFish and YoungShip Bergen for a remarkable evening filled with lively conversations and stellar entertainment from Blåsemafiaen and Need Music.

Thank you to Grieg Group for inviting us and for offering a platform for professionals in the maritime industry to forge new friendships and deepen connections while we celebrated our shared passion.


Recap of Wilson x YoungShip

On March 20th, YoungShip Bergen hosted an eventful evening together with Wilson AS, one of Europe’s largest small bulk carriers. The evening kicked off with some delicious food and refreshing drinks, setting the perfect atmosphere for networking, and meaningful interaction among the attendees.

We were honoured to have Øyvind Gjerde, CEO of Wilson, with us this evening where he started the show with a captivating presentation of the company’s rich history, and their remarkable journey in the maritime industry. Truly inspiring!

The following presentation was held by Erica Hauger, Charterer at Wilson, who provided invaluable insight into the commercial perspective of bulk trading leaving our attendees with a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in chartering withing the bulk segment.

The final presentation was held by Stefan Mirkovic, SHEQ Manager at Wilson, who conveyed the importance of safety measures in bulk trading. He also shared some gripping real-life cases and what valuable measures they took to prevent recurrence.

Later in the evening, we headed to Haven for our traditional Ankerdram allowing our attendees to socialize and make new acquaintances.

A huge thank you to Wilson for hosting us and for contributing to the success of the evening. Also, thank you to everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing you on our next event!


Winners of the ShipShuffle Tournament 2024

On February 29th, Youngship Bergen’s annual ShipShuffle tournament was arranged.

The atmosphere was electric as participants showcased their shuffleboard skills, engaged in lively conversations, and forged new connections. It was a great joy to witness everyone socializing, laughing, and cheering each other on throughout the tournament (despite some competitive spirit).

Congratulations to this year’s winning team; Emma Opdahl, Joachim Klugseth, Kristine Engevik, Lise Voraa, and Pratim Patel. Even though the ladies had to leave for the last two rounds, Elisabeth Drægebø stepped in seamlessly. Well done!

Events like these not only provide an opportunity for young professionals in the maritime industry to unwind and have fun, but also serve as an invaluable platform for networking and relationship-building within the industry.

Thank you to all participants for joining us. We hope you had a great evening and stay tuned for our upcoming events!

Shore power seminar with Plug

On March 23, YoungShip Bergen hosted an informative evening seminar with Plug, where the company presented its latest shore current projects and discussed the challenges faced in today's market.

The seminar covered a range of topics, including the charging of smaller vessels, the advantages of shore power for the maritime industry, and the regulatory landscape around this technology. Attendees gained insights into the latest innovations in the field and learned about Plug AS's ongoing efforts to promote sustainable practices in the maritime industry. Overall, the seminar was a great opportunity for participants to connect with industry experts, exchange ideas, and deepen their understanding of the role of shore power in the future of maritime transportation. The seminar was followed by further networking opporutnities with ankerdram at Moxy.

Shuffleboard Champions 2023

YoungShip Bergen's annual ShipShuffle took place on February 23rd with record attendance!

On February 23rd 2023, YoungShip Bergen hosted its annual ShipShuffle tournament, wherein 65+ members joined us to see which team would best all others and take the trophy home. Because of YoungShip Bergen's record number of members this year, teams were increased to four competitors each so that more members could participate.

After a successful night of networking, socialising and healthy competition, Sven-Petter K. Sunde, Petter Borge, Frikk Solvang and Kristoffer Myklebusthaug took the trophy home as this years' ShipShuffle champions!

Thank you to all participants for an entertaining evening and we look forward to more events to come!

Annual General Assembly 2023

At the Annual General Meeting 2023, YoungShip Bergen reviewed the year that was, planned the year to come and introduced new board members.

On February 3rd 2022, YoungShip Bergen gathered for their Annual General Assembly to review the Annual Report for 2022 and to elect new board members.

Six positions on the board were up for election, where all board members are elected for two years except for the Deputy Member(s) who are elected for one year. The board for 2023 is composed as followed:

Chair: Sofie Ullestad Djuvik, Wilson EuroCarriers

Deputy chair: Maren Lodden, Grieg Maritime Group

Board member(Finance): Solveig Bygstad, PWC

Board member(Events): Jens Drageset, Wikborg Rein

Board member (Events): Fredrik Hillestad, Alex. Birger Grieg A/S

Board member(Members): Aleksander Lyngtu Svortevik, Utkilen AS

Board member(Sponsors): Marthe Dorthea Jarlind, Odfjell Technology

Board member(Communication): Krysta Alexa Singh, Maritime Bergen

Deputy board member: Sunniva Andrine Hellesund, Norwegian Hull Club

Deputy board member: Vegard Nerland, Wikborg Rein


After the General Assembly followed a banquet at Clarion Admiral, celebrating that the past year and record membership.

In between the meals, well written and entertaining toasts were given to both the ladies and the gentlemen. Following dessert, YoungShip Members headed for the dance floor.

The Board would like to thank all members for making the evening memorable, and we are looking forward to seeing you all at our many events in 2023!