Our very first meeting with young professionals in different positions in Maritime industry, discussing on how to promote our careers.

Since March 2018, we have been able to collaborate with the Mbweni community through the beach management units, Wanawake Mazingira Group and a number of partners in assuring the desired goal of 10,000 Mangroves for 100 years of carbon offset.

Mbweni Mangrove forest is a vital periurban forest just at the edge of Dar es Salaam and Coastal region, and there is a degraded area as a result of El Nino of the late 1990s, where a lot of waterlogged at the mangroves and nearly 2 acres died.

We are restoring the degraded part of Mbweni mangrove forest with 10,000 Mangrove seedling through community-based restoration, since March 2018 and up to the moment we have restored 5200 seedlings.

Meanwhile, as the project aimed at supporting alternative livelihood for the Mbweni community, modern beekeeping has been enrolled as a part of sustainable harvesting of this forest, where on February 9th, AFO and the collaboration organizations supported the women of Wanawake mazingira group 4 beehives, a protective suit and smoker for harvesting honey. Beekeeping will add value to Wanawake mazingira group is a source of food and income hence is a potential economic activity thus it is a substitute for destructive economic activities, but also enhance the sustainability of the restoration programme.