Navigation and trade have always been interconnected. During the age of sailing ships, the shipowner also served as the shipmaster, managing cargo, navigation, and trade at ports. The introduction of steam power in the 1800s revolutionized this process, leading to the establishment of agents who handled port routines and trading tasks, evolving into today’s shipbrokers.

Shipbrokers in Finland

In Finland, organized shipbroking activities began in the 1700s. By 1720, all towns were required to have official shipbrokers to handle contracts and receive brokerage fees. In 1748, it was mandated that only licensed shipbrokers could practice clearance, with licenses granted by the magistrate. The Finnish Shipbrokers Association, founded in 1920, has been a cornerstone of the industry.

Join Youngship Helsinki on June 17th at 17.00 for a visit to Shipbrokers Finland (Köydenpunojankatu 8) together with OOCL.

The agenda includes:

  • A presentation by OOCL
  • A presentation by Shipbrokers Finland
  • After-work socializing

Due to limited space, only 12 people can join. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the history and practice of shipbroking in Finland.

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