Our President, Mr Tanjil Ahmed Ruhullah, and Vice President, Mr Asgar Haider, with support from YoungShip International, proactively met with representatives from YoungShip Turkey, at a generous dinner hosted by the incumbent Vice President, Ms. Selin Ogis, to get a better understanding of YoungShip operations and how they can be implemented and executed in the local department.

A noteworthy outcome of the meeting was YoungShip Bangladesh’s introduction to the work of the IMO Working Group by Ms. Selin Ogis, who was incidentally the Chair of Youth Development of the IMO Working Group. IMO Working Group is an initiative of YoungShip International that emphasizes on the importance of sustainable shipping practices and environmental stewardship and is also focused on obtaining consultative status at the IMO (The International Maritime Organizationthe United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships).

Following this discussion, Tanjil was subsequently invited to apply for the IMO Working Group, and was subsequently selected as Sponsorship Coordinator in the Steering Committee marking a significant step in aligning YoungShip Bangladesh with international maritime initiatives and fostering collaboration with regional counterparts and successfully obtaining more than 100,000 NOK in sponsorship funds, from maritime businesses across the globe, exclusively for the IMO working group project initiatives, which includes content creation, event organization, international travel, and providing services to both the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the members of YoungShip International, related to its core activities including but not limited to Youth Development, Green Shipping, Mentorship and Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS).

In July of 2023, our President, Tanjil Ahmed Ruhullah also met with Sara Shimo Fu, Treasurer of YoungShip Singapore  and subsequently with Mark Ma (Former President, YoungShip Singapore) in London to better forge partnerships with the regional departments and strategize future collaborations.