ShipShuffle Tournament 2023 at BAR 3

Dear all YoungShip members,

Join us for the annual ShipShuffle and Ankerdram!

All YoungShippers are invited for this year's most exciting shuffle tournament – who will be the King or Queen of the shuffle table?

Light snacks will be served. Sign up by February 21st.

Ready - set – shuffle!

Youth Development Program of YoungShip International: Training Program about "Harassment and Bullying"

Youth Development Program is established as part of the YoungShip International. YoungShip International aims to improve the knowledge of the young professionals working in the maritime sector about the current changes and updates i.e., UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The year 2023-2024 Training Program is about “Harassment and Bullying “ which is aiming to improve awareness among young maritime professionals.

This is a Joint Social Responsibility Project with “@Maritime Trainer”

The computer based training will be given online through “ ”  The applicants who will get a score above 70 will obtain a certificate of attendance.

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