Last week, the YoungShip International Board convened in Oslo, Norway to attend the highly anticipated Nor-Shipping week. As one of the largest maritime gatherings in the world, Nor-Shipping brought together industry professionals, innovators, and young talent to explore the latest trends and developments in the shipping sector.


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The YoungShip International Board, comprising young professionals and future leaders in the maritime industry, gathered in Oslo to participate in a series of engaging conferences, events, and networking opportunities. The week commenced with the opening ceremony held on Monday in the grand town hall, where the secretary general of YoungShip International, Lene Osen Osnes, had the honor of presenting the coveted Young Entrepreneur Award. The deserving winner of this prestigious accolade was Christina Aleixendri Munos, the visionary mind behind Bound4Blue.


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Continuing the celebration of talent and achievement, Monday also witnessed the unveiling of the “10 Women to Watch in Shipping” hosted by YoungShip Oslo in collaboration with WISTA Norway. The distinguished list included two remarkable members of the YoungShip International board – Lene Osen Osnes and Amalie Melsom. Furthermore, the list showcased the accomplishments of Michela Sasdelli, our former secretary general, and Nitzeria Watson Stewart from YoungShip Panama, demonstrating the global impact of YoungShip’s network.


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Throughout the week, attendees had the opportunity to engage in a plethora of captivating conferences, events, and parties. Of particular note were the exceptional events organized by YoungShip Oslo, which provided valuable insights and networking opportunities for young professionals in the maritime industry. These events fostered a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, facilitating the exchange of ideas and forging new connections.


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The success of Nor-Shipping was also attributed to the hard work and dedication of the organizing team. The Nor-Shipping team exhibited exemplary organizational skills, ensuring a seamless experience for participants throughout the week. The event’s comprehensive program catered to a wide range of interests, covering topics such as sustainability, digitalization, and future-proofing the industry.


In conclusion, Nor-Shipping 2023 proved to be a remarkable event for the maritime community, and the YoungShip International Board’s active participation further solidified their commitment to shaping the future of the industry. The recognition of young talent through the Young Entrepreneur Award and the celebration of women’s contributions in shipping exemplify YoungShip’s dedication to promoting excellence and diversity in the maritime sector. YoungShip Oslo’s unwavering efforts to create an engaging and fruitful experience for young professionals further contributed to the event’s success. With sincere appreciation, kudos are extended to the Nor-Shipping team for their exceptional execution, ensuring that the week-long event was nothing short of outstanding