ShipCon 2023

Helsinki 21 - 22 September 2023

ShipCon 2023

21.9-2023 - 22.9.2023

YoungShip Helsinki is excited to host the annual ShipCon Conference from 21st to 22nd of September 2023! 

We look forward to gathering all young maritime professionals from across the Finnish maritime cluster as well as all YoungShip International's departments to attend a two-day conference in Helsinki. For the 2023 edition, we wish to continue to gather and inspire through our open networking platform and further gain insights from top industry leaders and fellow marine professionals. 

Please note, the conference will be in English and is open to everyone, not limited to YoungShip members

We look forward to seeing you all in Helsinki in September 2023!

Power of People, The Finnish Flavor

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Discovering the green transition aspect of the marine and tech cluster in Finland from different perspectives.

The Finnish seafaring is at the forefront in the field of environmental innovations. The sea traffic that Finland is dependent on, as almost 90 percent of export and import are transported by sea, has built the value chain creating the basis of the growth of the industry. Marine equipment manufactures, turnkey suppliers, design offices, system suppliers, software providers and shipbuilding, ship repair and offshore yards together with the many shipping companies serving the different shipping sectors are all important pillars in this value chain, contributing to the country's economy and plays a significant in the global maritime industry. 

The industry is well known for its advance marine technology, including navigation and communication systems, propulsion system and building of specialized vessels, including icebreakers, critical for maintaining the shipping lanes in the artic, cruise ships, ferries and offshore vessels. 

To continue develop the industry has to continue recruit skilled labor. Other industries, such as the technology sector, are also seeking workers with similar skill sets, and this can make it difficult for the marine industry to attract and retain talent. YoungShip Helsinki will continue to speak on the behalf of the young mariners in Finland, and promote the key sectors within the Finnish marine cluster to attract new young talent to join our crew. 

For ShipCon we are inviting industry leaders and fellow peers to share and gain knowledge and insights on Innovation and Future of Shipping (the Finnish perspective). 


*Please note the program is preliminary and open to changes. 


ShipCon 2023 is to take place at the first floor of Helsinki Central Library, Oodi, known as a living meeting place at Kansalaistori square in the heart of Helsinki. 

Oodi complements the cultural and media hub formed by Helsinki Music Centre, Finlandia Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. It is a non-commercial, urban public space open to all, right opposite the the Finnish Parliament Building. The library is a great example of the Finnish flavor, where it provides its visitors knowledge, new skills and stories.


Image credit: Unsplach Tom Brunberg

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