YoungShip Sørlandet is making changes!

We want the organisation to grow and contribute even further to the future of the maritime industry.

To ensure that the organisation can continue to contribute to our members and collaborators, build competence and broaden the network YoungShip Sørlandet has made some changes for 2019. We want more young professionals to join us in the future and therefore we offer the following to our exciting and new members:

YoungShip Sørlandet har increased the lower age limit to 40 years and we welcome old and new members in 2019! 

The members fee for 2019 has been lowered to NOK 450,- for exciting members and young professionals joining us going forward. 

For exciting members YoungShip Sørlandet will sponsor your member fee for 2019 if you recruit one new member by 30th of April. 

We hope you will assist the organisation to grow and be a part of #thefutureofmaritimeindustry!