The Future of YoungShip Sørlandet

I want to challenge the maritime industry, the young professionals and YoungShip as an organisation to contribute even more going forward. How can we together ensure the future of the maritime industry?

The last few years has been rough for the maritime industry and for the organisation. In these market conditions it can easily be forgotten the importance of good relations and network, and for those who was affected by the downscales directly and indirectly the change of pace, energy and perhaps a sudden feeling of solitude can be a trial.  

And what about YoungShip? I have given this a lot of thought after my comeback as Chair of Board, and concluded that now more than ever the organisation should and must be a network for the young professionals that seeks the maritime industry. YoungShip has a responsibility to provide an arena that can be positive, encouraging and where we pay it forward and assist others in the career path. And we relay on the support from our partners and sponsors, as well and not least engaged and passionate members! 

The winner of Young Corporation Award 2018 was OSM Group based in Arendal, and another of our founding partners GARD was announced the winner in 2014. Consider, in Sørlandet we have two companies that have been announced the winner amongst all YoungShip branches! We are doing something right, but how can we improve as an organisation even further? 

What can you as a young professional contribute to YoungShip and the network in order to influence the future? 

How can you as a CEO encourage and facilitate that your future; your young professionals build network and competence across segments within the industry? 

How can I as Chair of Board ensure that YoungShip contributes to the industry and the region going forward? 


Let us work together, take responsibility and pay it forward to the generations before us and the generations to come. 


Kind Regards, 

Karoline Meidell, Chair of Board