YES (Young Environmental Seminar) DNV

“Road to 2050” - How can the shipping sector be decarbonized? Trying to bring a policies / regulatory approach, but also discuss transition, digitisation, innovation, all focusing on lowering emissions and Net Zero.

Date: Thursday 3rd of November

Location: DNV, Veritasveien 1, 1363 Høvik (Veritas 3 building on map below)


1630: Bus from Aker Brygge

1700: Open doors, welcome + Snack

1730: Event with Break + Panel Discussion

1900: Food, drinks + networking 

2100: Close + move to RØØR. Address: Rosenkrantz' gate 4, Oslo

Moderator: Anne Sophie Ness DNV Environmental Advisory


Kristian Hammer (DNV) on Alternative Fuel Insight Platform

Tore Longva (DNV) on Regulation developments

Martin Cartwright (DNV) on LNG market and other ‘new’ gas value chains 

Cristian Skajem (TECO 2030)

Fabian Ødeskaug (North Ammonia)

A bus will be arranged to DNV Campus in Høvik.

Bus stops will be:

1630 Aker Brygge / National Theatre (Riktige leker by Rådhuset)

1635 Skøyen (Platform C)

1640 Lysaker (Platform B)

1650 DNV Campus

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DNV Campus Map