Annual General Meeting 2023

We welcome all members to our annual general meeting of 2023, where the last year will be summarized and a new board will be elected, among other things.

This year’s meeting will be held at Thommessen’s offices (Ruseløkkveien 38) on Wednesday, February 8. The meeting starts at 18:15. All members have voting rights. Physical participation is limited to those who have signed up through the newsletter sent out to all members, while all members can participate virtually. The link for virtual participation is also included in the newsletter, but you can contact us at if you have not received the link. 

Agenda for the meeting

  1. Elect Meeting Secretary
  2. Approve Notice of AGM and Agenda
  3. Approve Annual Report 2022
  4. Approve Accounts for 2022
  5. Approve Membership Fee for 2023
  6. Approve Budget for 2023
  7. Election of Board Members for 2023
  8. Any Other Business