Viking Polaris Cruise Ship tour

In September YoungShip Møre were invited by VARD to their shipyard in Søviknes to go onboard the VARD designed and built cruise ship Viking Polaris a few days before the delivery of the vessel. 

The group split in two, where the first group were more interested in the technical aspects of the ship like seeing the engine room and other technical spaces, and the other group were excited enough to experience something other than an office. 

The other group, armed with a General Arrangement Plan and the ability to read signs on the walls, wandered around the ship like a group of lost but excited puppies. At the end they had stumbled upon most of the significant rooms onboard the ship, and had experienced everything from the bridge to the spa area. 

After the yard visit the whole group gathered at a restaurant in Ålesund for burgers and mingling.

It is a massive privilege for YoungShip Møre to have so many ship yards with exciting ongoing projects in the area, and the board will work hard to arrange more yard visits in 2023!