YoungShip Italia's event in Trieste

Join us for our 1st event of 2017 in Trieste on 24th February. Main topics: LNG & technology

On February 24th, in the city of Trieste, YoungShip Italia and Wartsila joined forces to create an event that will prepare the young generations for the future challenges.

In fact, as clearly stated by YoungShip Italia’s President, Miss. Simona Coppola, the aim of YoungShip Italia is to support young people with the right education through the constant exchange of information and through sharing knowledge and experiences, in order to give them enough motivation and strength to join forces and to face, in the best possible ways, the global shipping market, that is and will be full of challenges and keeps innovating very fast.

The event was divided into 3 parts: first, we had an interesting meeting with Wartsila discussing about present important topics, such as exploitation of energy resources with a low environmental impact, which are already applied in the port of Trieste, its future applications, and about technologies, which are useful for any shipping operations, giving a deep look into insurances. This meeting was held by senior speakers from different fields (like the scientific, the institutional and legal ones) and by young professionals.

Secondly, our youngshippers had the opportunity, kindly given by Wartsila, to have a tour inside their plants and to “touch with their hands” the creation of their products, starting from the prototype to the delivery of the finished engine, all done with the due respect toward the environment. During the tour inside Wartsila’s plants, it was explained that the most practical way so far to respect emissions and environmental rules, concerns the use of “scrubbers” and gas engines (producted mainly by Wartsila, that can be considered as global leader for the productions of gas engines) that are taking every day more and more space thanks to their low environmental impact and for the fact that natural gas is getting better known that heavy fuel oil.

Third, it was organized a tour of the beautiful port of Trieste, thanks to the kind permission of the System Authority (“Autorità di Sistema”). According to YoungShip Italia’s President, Miss. Simona Coppola,these tours are always interesting for any shipping roles.

It is nice to have and to share with you and other YoungShip’s branches worlwide some statements from our speakers and participants:

Mr. Mario Sommariva, the General Secretary of the Ports System of eastern Adriatic, advises that such meeting has been a very fruitful moment of comparison and analysis. LNG has plenty of implications in the future of shipping and it has been discussed all together in every aspects, such us finding suitable locations for supplies. In this occasion, it was taken also the opportunity to share the latest news about the enlargement of the institutional and territorial competences, which created the “System Authority” (Autorità di Sistema) and is mainly about developing all connections with the railway system, with the ports areas not presently used with the goal to have an industrial policy directly linked with the port, enabling also more job creations. In this context, it was showed even the project of the production site for bio-LNG, starting from urban waste. This project, which is getting more and more approvals, has been applied on GAINS program and managed by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation. In such way, the System Authority aims to give a real contribution to the environmental sustainability and to develop innovative industrial policies.

Mr. Filippo Lorenzon, Professor of Maritime and Commercial Law, Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton, advises that the event was of great interest, considering that all together gave a look into the future, thanks to the topics discussed and this event, in his opinion, underlined the importance to young professionals of their roles in the shipping industry of “tomorrow”.

Mr. Giammario Meloni, Sales Manager at Wartsila, was very glad to host the initiative of YoungShip Italy and to engage youngshippers and young professional into their well know reality, in which even European discussions and topics belong to. He says that finally, the EU rules and instructions on environmental respect, have been recognized also in Italy.