YS Helsinki Padel event 7 September 2021

After a long break of having live events, YoungShip Helsinki organized the first padel event in beginning of September.

On 7 September 2021 YoungShip Helsinki members met at Hernesaaren ranta in Helsinki to play padel. We had members representing Finnlines, OSM, Gard, ABB, ESL Shipping, VTS and Krogius Van Ameyde attending. 


As many had not played padel before, Negota Law's (sponsor of the event) Dina Stolt started with an introduction of the sport. 


This was followed by a warm up and a tournament. 


Participants in the Final: Hanna Donning, Dina Stolt (Negota Law), Alexandra Lindahl and Tommy Myllymäki 

Sponsor of the event: Negota Law 

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