YoungShip Fall Conference “Kysten er klar”

We continue the success and invite young people in the maritime sector to the annual Fall Conference September 8. The Fall Conference will give you the opportunity to explore the future opportunities and changes in the ocean industries. Don’t miss out on the biggest event for youngsters in maritime sector at Haugalandet.


Haugesund Rederiforening

Conference Start

08.09.2018 kl: 12.00 - 16.00

Dinner start

08.09.2018 kl: 19.00 - >


450 NOK

Non members

600 NOK*

YoungShip Fall Conference “Kysten er klar

The shipping industry is facing stricter climate requirements because of the Paris Agreement and IMO new emission requirements. This will affect our industry. During the annual conference you will learn more about the big changes in the industry, involving new, green technology and smart business models. We will take a look at local ocean companies and explore the opportunities within these businesses. Young people and innovative companies are important for YoungShip, so we have invited local entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas to the conference.

Confirmed Speakers:

• 12.00-12.15: Velkommen til høstkonferansen 2018 – Richard Jacobsen, YoungShip Haugesund
• 12.15-12.35: Haugesund kommune, Ordfører Arne-Christian Mohn
• 12.35-1255: Solstad Offshore, Tor Inge Dale
• 12.55-13.15: Knutsen OAS Shipping, Synnøve Seglem 
• 13.15-13.35: Pause
• 13.35-13.55: Sjøfartsdirektoratet, Lars Alvestad,
• 13.55-14.15: Westcon Yards, Øystein Matre
• 14.15-14.35: Unitech, Gunnar Birkeland
• 14.35-14.55: Pause
• 14.55-15.15: Steinsvik, Martha Kold Bakkevig
• 15.15-15.35: AlgaePro, Hans Henriksen Marki
• 15.35-15.50: Oppsummering og avslutning, Richard Jacobsen, YoungShip Haugesund 
• 16.00-17.30: Vorspiel på Brakstad Brassiere
• 17.30-18.30: Båttur med L/K Stavern
• 19.00: Mingling og velkomstdrink, Haugesund Rederiforening
• 19.30-24.00: Festmiddag, Haugesund Rederiforening

The annual Fall Conference includes:

  • Full conference with many great speakers (12-16)
  • Coffee and snacks

Boat trip around Smeasundet

  • Dinner with wine (19.00)
  • 450 NOK for members for the whole event
  • *600 NOK for non-members for the whole event (including membership 2018)

  Conference fee can be payed to account: 3330.23.07771. Register with full name and company