Joint conference YS France-YS Spain in Barcelona

The Cruise Industry in the Mediterranean: Challenges and Opportunities 7 June 2019

On June 7 in Barcelona, YoungShip France and YoungShip Spain organized the first conference between two different countries in the history of YoungShip.

Members and partners of the two departments were able to enjoy a day full of activities in which they discovered the cruise industry in the Mediterranean.

They made a maritime visit courtesy of the Port of Barcelona in which Mar Perez, Cruise Manager, and Santiago García-Milà, Deputy Executive Director of the Port of Barcelona showed, from the boat with privileged views, the cruise facilities of the Port, the largest in Europe and the Mediterranean in cruise passengers’ traffic.

Subsequently, they enjoyed a presentation on the evolution of the cruises in the Port of Barcelona by Mar Perez, Cruise Manager of the Port of Barcelona, in which attendees could learn at length the successful work carried out by the Port to become in a turnaround port and the importance of it for the city.

Members of the boards of YoungShip France, Portugal and Spain held a meeting with the Director of the Escola Intermodal Transport, Eduard Rodés that concluded with a collaboration agreement in which YoungShip members can enjoy a significant discount on courses organized by the Escola, showing once again great the commitment of the Escola Europea with the training of future generations and leaders of the sector.

In the afternoon there were the highlights of the day. YoungShip enjoyed a guided tour aboard AIDAnova, the first LNG-propelled cruise to dock in the enclave. Members visited the engine room and the control room in addition to the bridge.

As a curiosity, they comment on the spectacular nature of the control room, where all the indicators and tools are displayed in a totally accessible way in a multitude of screens distributed throughout the room. - You feel like in the control room of a space launch. -

On the bridge, they learned about the different navigation instruments, fully digitized, because the AIDAnova is one of the few ships in the world that is totally free of paper, (with the exception of the logbook).

At 18:00 m, the conference entitled: The Cruise Industry in the Mediterranean: Challenges and Opportunities began.

The speakers included top professionals such as:

- Ramon Hurtado, Global Product, and Operations Manager at Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services

- Elsa Basset, Project Manager of Marseille Provence Cruise Club

- Ansam Alexandra Okbani, Lawyer of DELVISO-AVOCATS

- Diego de San Simón Palacios, Laywer of SAN SIMON & DUCH

- Pierre Lecacheur, Head of LNG projects of Carnival Maritime GmbH

And the topics were discussed:

- Responsibility issues under French and Spanish law. The Athens Convention on the transport of passengers and their baggage by sea;

 - Energy transition of passenger ships;

- Opportunities and challenges for the cruise industry in cities such as Barcelona and Marseille;

- AIDAnova, a cruise powered by LNG. New technologies on board cruises.

The debate was facilitated by Joaquín Guerrero, director of Team Escénicos, an expert in interpersonal relationships, dancer and actor who started the audience more than a laugh.

After the interesting conference, there was time for networking and exchange of impressions and experiences.

This day will establish an important precedent, since it was the first conference organized jointly between different departments of YoungShip.

We know that the first time is never easy, but we are happy to see the good reaction that this initiative has had and we are already seeing interest in collaborations between YoungShip departments in other countries, so we should be very proud of this and we should thank all the people involved in making it possible.