Christos Tsangarides

Hello everyone,


It is my pleasure to introduce myself today. My name is Christos Tsangarides, and I hold a BSc in Maritime Studies, an Advanced Diploma in Port Agency, and am a Certified Procurement Professional.


I am currently serving as a Procurement Category Buyer at DEME Offshore, based in Antwerp, Belgium, where I am responsible for managing subcontract tenders, providing contract support, and developing procurement categories for various subsea projects. I am proud to have been a part of YoungShip Cyprus since 2012, after being invited by my good friend Philippos Ioulianou. Over the years, I have watched this organization grow and provide young shipping professionals with a platform to be heard and connect with others in their industry.


I am a strong advocate for the benefits of young professionals connecting and participating in events, and I believe that Young Ship Cyprus is a great tool for building networks and making meaningful connections with others in the maritime sector. Throughout my years of involvement, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with a group of individuals who are always striving to make Young Ship Cyprus better, by inviting high-ranking maritime executives and consulting with young professionals.


I believe that being socially active with your peers will only have a positive impact on your career and professional development. Shipping is a dynamic and challenging industry, full of opportunities, and I would highly recommend it to the young generation.


As a self-driven individual with a passion for exploration, I have always had the ambition to seek out new opportunities and experiences, both at home and abroad. I believe that pursuing your goals and pushing your own limits is the key to professional growth and success.


It is with great pride that I consider myself a member of Young Ship, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of this organization and community.


Thank you, and best regards.


Christos Tsangarides