Great turnup to seminar on the war in Ukraine

Many YoungShippers joined our annual joint event with Bergen Shipowners’ Association.

On Thursday 21st of April, YoungShip Bergen and Bergen Shipowners’ Association hosted our Annual joint event. This years’ theme was the ongoing was in Ukraine, which in addition to millions of Ukrainians on flee though Europe, also had a great impact on the insurance industry, crew management and the society as a whole.


The evening started with a solid introduction to Russian history and an analysis of their warfare strategies though the history, held by Ståle Ulriksen, Scientist FHS Sjøkrisskolen and NIPU. He also talked about old Soviet, and how many identified as Ukrainians even though they did not live in Ukraine but had Ukrainian heritage.


The audience where curious on how he thinks the war will continue, and the question of nuclear weapons where raised. 


Following Ståle Ulriksen, Chris-Petter Haukedal and Snorre Halvorsen from Norwegian Hull Club provided a good insight to the maritime insurance industry, and challenges they face with the current war, and how aviation insurance is connected to marine insurance.


Next up was Tine Elisabeth Vigmostad from Wikborg Rein. She delivered an overview of countless sanctions from various authorities, such as EU, USA, private corporation, local governments, their impacts and consequences of breaking a sanction.


Last out was Nina Walde from Utkilen, talking about crew management and difficulties with crew changes for both Ukrainian and Russian crew. Walde also informed us about difficulties amongst different nationalities, following the war. She reminded us that all crew members must be treated as humans, regardless of nationality.


After the five fantastic speakers, good tapas and discussions were waiting for us.


Thank you to our five speakers, our members and Bergen Shipowners’ Association for a memorable evening.